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at Cittadella and Verona; fighter-bombers, operating on a reduced scale, hit communications. Mission 282: 23 B-29s, staging through Iwo Jima, mine Shimonoseki Strait and the Korea coast at Najin-which in the longest B-29 combat mission of the war-and in the Pusan-Masan, Korea area; 1 B-29 is lost. Mission 865: 429 bombers and 689 fighters are dispatched to hit oil targets in Germany; the primary target for the B-17s is the synthetic oil plant at Ruhland but weather forces them to hit the secondary target;. June 14 Rome: A meat wholesaler is kidnapped by Unita combattente comuniste who ask for large quantities of prime meat to be delivered to 71 butchers in 23 areas, to be sold at the political price of 1,500 lire (about 90 pence) per kilo. IX Troop Carrier Command: HQ 438TCG and the 87th, 88th, 89th and 90TCSs begin a movement from Glisy Airfield, Amiens, France to the. Monday, CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF 18 B-25s, supported by 20 P-51s and P-40s, attack Hankow, China. Se non ritieni il nudo di adulti offensivo alla tua persona e se dichiari di essere maggiorenne secondo la legge dello stato in cui vivi e se, entrando nel sito, accetti le condizioni di utilizzo ed esoneri i responsabili.

MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, B-25s bomb railroad bridges and fills at Perca, Vo Sinistro, Pizzighetone, Salorno, and Sacile; fighters and fighter-bombers attack bridges, flak positions, ammunition and a supply dump, rail lines, various other targets. B-25s, A-20s, and fighter-bombers continue to fly numerous sorties in support of ground forces on N and S Luzon Island. CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF 6 B-25s and 4 P-47s severely damage a bridge N of Sinsiang and hit nearby trains. B-24s pound the supply and personnel area E of Cebu City and N of Mambaling on Cebu Island, defensive positions NW of Talisay and AA guns to the N, and also bomb Talisay on Negros Island. POA - pacific ocean area (20AF 102 P-51s, based on Iwo Jima, attack Hashin, Nishinomiya, Sano, and Tokushima, Japan mostly hitting airfields; 3 P-51s are lost. ETO - european theater OF operations (8AF Mission 832: 1,131bombers and 510 fighters are dispatched to hit oil targets in Germany; with some exceptions, all attacks are made using H2X radar; they claim 2-0-0 Luftwaffe aircraft; 2 bombers and 1 P-51 are lost. The escort is 91 of 95 P-51s.

POA - pacific ocean area (7AF 10 B-24s from Guam Island bomb a underground hangar on Moen Island in Truk Atoll. Ready FOR life (jazdec. CBI - china theater (14AF In China, 12 B-24s bomb railway repair shops at Taiyuan; 3 others attack targets of opportunity in Bakli Bay on Hainan Island, 8 B-25s attack bridges and rail and road traffic. ETO - airborne operations (IX Troop Carrier Command During May, the 303d, 305th and 306TCSs, 442TCG, based at St-Andre-de-L'Eure, France with C-47, begins operating from Metz, France. B-25s and fighters over Formosa thoroughly blast the town of Choshu, and also hit railroad yards, vehicles, railway rolling stock, and buildings. 11 P-51 s escort 5 F-5s on photo reconnaissance missions. CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF In China, a few B-25s bomb a bridge and ferry terminal at Chungmow and near Kaifeng and 4 escorting P-47s strafe Kaifeng Airfield and locomotives in the area; 4 other. 11 Bologna: Red Brigades cell breaks into office of Gabetti agency (construction company) and takes away files and documents.

Southwest pacific theater OF operations (feaf In Borneo, B-24s bomb defenses in the Balikpapan area, P-38s support Australian forces as they complete the capture of Balikpapan and its oil installations and B-25s hit the Bintula personnel area. MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, night fighters and A-20s on intruder missions during the night of 20/21Feb, continue to attack communications and supplies in the Po Valley; medium bombers, during the day, bomb bridges at Dogna, Crema, and Romano. Fiat-OM workers block traffic in the main street. B-25s and P-38s hit Tanamon and Sidate on Celebes Island. In France, HQ 97th Combat BW(L) moves from Voisenon to Marchais; the 39(Photo)RS, 9AF, based at Amand with F-5s, sends a flight to operate from Gosselies, Belgium (another flight is operating from Jarny and the 405FS, 371FG, moves from Tantonville to Metz with P-47s. 18 P-51s escort 6 F-5s and a Spitfire on photo reconnaissance missions over Germany. Southwest pacific area swpa, feaf (feaf In Formosa, B-24s pound Takao while fighter aircraft sweep the coastline. In the C Philippine Islands B-24s hit targets near Cebu City while A-20s pound other towns on Cebu Island. CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF 98 P-51s and P-38s over French Indochina and S and E China continue to disrupt the Japanese retreat and hit transport and supply targets; rail, road, and river traffic, coastal shipping, bridges, troops.

379 B-17s are sent to hit the marshalling yard (257) and oil plant (66 at Aschaffenburg; targets of opportunity are the Pforzheim marshalling yard (24) and military vehicle plant at Mannheim (3 Gee-H and H2X are used;. Petter Solberg (Nór.) Subaru Impreza 59,6,. The rest of the amount will be made at the model arrival discreetly in an open envelope. Zelinková (Kan.) 6088 floro (Nór., medzinárodn míting) muži: 400 m:. 22 Naples: Seven directors at the Montefibre factory are charged at an inquest concerning the deaths of three workers. POA - pacific ocean area (7AF 22 Guam Island-based B-24s bomb the airfield on Marcus Island in the N Pacific. In Borneo, B-24s bomb Manggar and Sepinggang Airfields. Southwest pacific area swpa, feaf (feaf On Formosa, B-24s bomb Taichu, Shinshoshi, Toyohara, and Okayama Airfields and B-25s hit the airfield at Taito.

13 Nuoro: A rudimentary bomb explodes against CC barracks. The fighter-bombers pound HQ, buildings, a fortified compound, barracks, general targets of opportunity around Tartin, and a troop concentration near Sichuan. 11 P-51 s fly a scouting Mission claiming 0-0-1 aircraft in the air. CBI - china theater (10AF C-47 unit moves: 2TCS, 443TCG, from Dinjan, India to Chihkiang, China; 322Troop Carrier Squadron, 10AF, from Liangshan to Chihkiang, China. HQ 36FG and the 22d and 23FSs move from Le Culot, Belgium to Aachen, Germany with P-47s; and the 31(Photo)RS, 10th Photographic Group(R moves from Jarny, France to Euren, Germany with F-5s. 4 P-47s, on a reconnaissance flight, strafe buildings on Pagan Island, Mariana Islands. They shoot into the crowd and kill a 19 year old girl, Giorgiana Masi. The action is claimed by the NAP. MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, A-20s bomb bridges and other communications targets in the E Po Valley during the night of 9/10 Mar; B-25s bomb bridges at Ora, Bozzolo, and San Michele all'Adige, and a railroad fill.

10 Rome: Electrolux and Standastores plundered. 342 B-24s are dispatched to hit airfields at Kitzingen (168 Giebelstadt (75) and Schwab Hall (82 8 others hit Wurzburg, the secondary target; 1 B-24 is damaged beyond repair and 1 damaged; 8 airmen are KIA. Another B-24 flies a radar-ferret Mission over the N Kurile Islands. MTO - strategic operations (15AF Unit moves in Italy: HQ 306FW begins a movement from Fano to the US; HQ 31FG and 307th and 309FSs from Mondolfo to Triolo Airfield with P-51s. Martin Matuška (všetci ŠKP Bratislava) 557 športová puška 3x20 ženy:. The 584th and 585BS(M 394BG(M move from Niergniew Airfield, Cambrai, France to Venlo, the Netherlands with B-26s. POA - pacific ocean area (20AF Mission 44: In Burma, 70 of 77 B-29s hit a storage dump at Rangoon; 2 others bomb targets of opportunity, the Sagyi Airfield and warehouses at Bassein without loss.

POA - pacific ocean area (7AF 13 B-24s from Guam Island bomb Eten Island in Truk Atoll. Southwest pacific theater OF operations (feaf In China, about 150 B-24s, B-25s, and A-26s, covered by 54 P-47s, hit the Shanghai area, airfields at Chiang Wan, Wusung, and Lunghua, Shanghai docks, shipping on the Whangpoo River, and airstrips on Chusan Island. In Borneo, for the 15th consecutive day, B-24s pound Balikpapan destroying oil facilities and shore defenses, B-25s hit warehouses, other buildings, and the general waterfront area. And here we could consider the problem of how the Marxist-Leninist conception (but perhaps more Castroist than Leninist) of the armed party translates itself into a practice of professionals of clandestinity chosen in advance, which is the major. MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, medium bombers pound communications in the Brenner Pass and hit bridges at Pordenone, Ossenigo, Enego, Ora, Pizzighetone, and San Ambrogio di Valpolicella; fighters and fighter-bombers concentrate on close support. 13 Rho: Bomb at Alfa Romeo showroom. 315 of 336 B-24s hit 12 strongpoints and flak batteries in the same area as Force 1; 2 B-24s are lost, 3 damaged beyond repair and 1 damaged; 18 airmen are KIA, 8 WIA and 12 MIA. 150 P-38s bomb and strafe railroad bridges at Rattenberg, Seefeld, and Telfs, Austria and Rosenheim, Germany, and to the S near the Austro-German border, and also hit rail lines in the Munich-Rosenheim, Germany area. MTO - strategic operations (15AF The 37(Photo)RS, 5RG, moves from San Severo to Bari, Italy with F-5s. 11: Four fiat showrooms bombed: nulcei operai comunisti.

On Mindanao P-38s and usmc aircraft hit airfields. We know that the marginalised and the guaranteed have in reality a common enemy, but the latter lack an awareness of whom those enemies are. The 530BS(H 380BG(H moves from Darwin, Australia to San Jose, Mindoro with B-24s. There are those who make make themselves the knowing collaborators of power, or who delegate this defense to others more capable. 75 P-51s escort; they claim 2-0-1 aircraft in the air and 1-0-2 on the ground; 1 P-51 is lost (pilot MIA). June 2 Turin: Prima Linea try to paralyse the traffic of the province with actions against a bus station and crucial points of the urban network to stop people from going to work on an abolished public holi day.

August 12 Catania: Incidents in the juvenile prison. POA - pacific ocean area (20AF Mission 24: 49 B-29s, operating from the Calcutta, India area, are dispatched to attack a railroad bridge at Bangkok, Thailand; 44 hit the primary target and 2 hit an alternate and a target of opportunity; they claim 0-1-1Japanese aircraft. Mission 51: 115 of 121 B-29s bomb the Nakajima aircraft factory at Tokyo; they claim 1-1-0 Japanese aircraft; 6 B-29s are lost. Mission 793: 2 B-17s and 5 B-24s drop leaflets over SE Belgium and Germany during the night. On Luzon Island, B-24s bomb the Ipo area and Aparri Airfield; B-25s and A-20s support guerrillas near San Fernando and bomb Cabugao; fighter-bombers hit Caballo Island in Manila Bay, bomb the town of Minanga, hit enemy concentrations at Burgos, near. 446 B-17s set out to hit the Alexanderplatz rail station (418 4 others hit a target of opportunity; 1 B-17s is lost, 1 damaged beyond repair and 43 damaged; 8 airmen are KIA, 2 WIA and 9 MIA. Southwest pacific theater OF operations (feaf B-24s bomb warehouses at Watampone on Celebes Island. MTO - tactical operations (12AF Organizational charts show a great decrease in Jul in the size of the Twelfth AF due to redeployment, transfer, disbandment, and discontinuance of 50 units; only 5 new units are added. Mission 960: During the night of 18/19 Apr, 11 B-24s drop leaflets in France, the Netherlands and Germany and 17 of 18 B-24s fly carpetbagger missions to Denmark and Norway. HQ 308BW(H) moves from Leyte Island to Luzon.

POA - pacific ocean area (7AF 12 B-24s from Guam Island hit Param Island, Truk Atoll during the early morning hours; 12 more attack Param during the afternoon. On Borneo, B-24s bomb Miri, Kudat, Manggar, and Sepinggang Airfields and P-38s hit Tarakan Island and Sandakan, Miri Airfield, oil storage near Lutong, and, with B-24s, attack targets of opportunity along the SW Celebes coast. B-25s sweep off the China coast, bombing the naval base at Ryukyu-Sho, Formosa. Mission 225: 31 B-29s hit the Kawasaki aircraft plant at Akashi and 5 others hit targets of opportunity; the 4,000-pound (1,814 kg) bombs are wellplaced but the target has been almost destroyed in previous raids. The 9FS, 49th FG, moves from San Jose, Mindoro Island to Lingayen, Luzon with P-38s and the 70FS, 18FG, moves from Lingayen, Luzon to San Jose, Mindoro with P-38s.

30 Naples: Clashes between police and unemployed workers from the firm Hidropress which had put up road blocks in the city. Carlos Sainz (Šp.) Citroën Xsara 4:17,9,. I am an Elite International companion, a true Lady, in all the meanings of the word, I am that someone you have been looking for for a very long time, that someone you were sure it doesnt exit anymore: elegant. Mission 60: 29 of 32 B-29s strike 2 airfields at Kanoya. 527 B-17s are sent to hit Steenwijk (114 Zwischenahn (74 Varel (88 Varrelbusch (113) and Plantlunne (13) Airfields in the morning; targets of opportunity are Wittmundhafen Airfield (13) and other (2 1 B-17 is lost and 2 damaged; 1airman is KIA and 9 MIA. P-51s over the Ryukyu Islands bomb airstrips on Miyako Island, and bomb a town in the Koniya area. Two are arrested the following day. 14 P-51s fly weather reconnaissance missions. ETO - european theater OF operations (8AF Mission 971: 8 B-17s drop leaflets in France, the Netherlands and Germany.

B-24s and B-25s fly coastal sweeps hitting various targets at Divilacan Bay, Hondagua, and the Bicol Peninsula. POA - pacific ocean area (7AF Major General Thomas D White becomes Commanding General, 7AF. 364 of 380 B-17s hit the marshalling yard at Kassel, the secondary target; 6 others hit 6 targets of opportunity; the attacks are made using H2X radar; no casualties. B-24s attack Miri Airfield in Borneo. CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF 3 B-25s continue to bomb supply convoys moving through the Siang Chiang Valley.

Ternate on Samar Island and Echague on Luzon Island and Caballo Island in Manila Bay are bombed by A-20s. On Luzon Island, B-24s, B-25s, A-20s, and P-38s attack Balete Pass, Legaspi, the Batangas area, and scattered targets throughout Luzon. Escorting are 324 P-47s and P-51s; the P-47s claim 14-0-20 aircraft and the P-51s claim 9-0-3 aircraft; 1 P-47 and 3 P-51s are lost. MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, A-20s hit lines of communications in the N Po Valley during the night of 4/5 Mar; results are generally good; bad daytime weather grounds the medium bombers; xxii Tactical Air Command fighter-bombers. Other P-38s and P-51s fly reconnaissance and reconnaissance escort, and escort mataf B-25s and C-47s. POA - pacific ocean area (7AF 12 Guam Island-based B-24s bomb Susaki Airfield on Chichi Jima Island; during the night of 20/21Mar, 4 other B-24s fly single strikes against the airfield. Saturday, TO - alaska theater OF operations (11AF 4 B-24s bomb the Kataoka area on Shimushu Island, Kurile Islands. Andrej Kašekin (Kaz.) 3,.

HQ 406FG and the 512FS move from Metz, France to Assche, Belgium with P-47s. 23 of 23 P-51s fly a scouting mission. All three workers had been in contact with toxic substances that had been proved to be cancer ogenous. Any such discussion must therefore become a discussion on strategy, on the evaluation of means and the achieving of ends. MTO - strategic operations (15AF HQ 3RG moves from Florence to Pomigliano, Italy. In French Indochina, 2 B-25s attack locomotives near Vinh and about 30 fighter-bombers attack communications and transportation targets around Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Quang Tri, Vinh and Yen, Chenghsien and Yoyang, China CBI - burma-india theater (10AF The 88FS. ETO - european theater OF operations (9AF The 574th and 575BS(M 391 BG(M move from Vitry-en-Artois to Laon, France with B-26s. Friday, TO - AIR transport command: B-24 units arriving at Waller Field, Trinidad, BWI from Italy to move troops to the US: HQ 464BG(H) and 776th, 777th, 778th and 779BS(H HQ 465BG(H) and 780th, 781, 782 and. 20 of 28 P-51s fly a scouting Mission without loss.

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P-38s strafe locomotives in the Soerabaja, Java area. B-24s bomb Takao Airfield on Formosa. 122 P-47s and P-51s escort. CBI - burma-india theater (10AF 70 P-38s and P-47s attack troops, supplies, gun positions, and general targets of opportunity along and behind the C Burma battleline around Mong Pawn, Wan Htum, Pang po, Kyawkku, Mong Hko, Hanhwe-Mu, Laihka, and other. 27 Rome: Seven people break into the cultural centre run by Chris tian Democrats and Comunione e Liberazione. 537 air supply sorties are flown to forward areas. MTO - tactical operations (12AF The 121Liaison Squadron, Twelfth AF (attached to Fifth Army moves from Verona to Manerba, Italy with UC-78s, L-4s and L-5s. July 20 Rome: Syrian airline offices destroyed by explosion: link to massa cres carried out by that government in the Lebanon. Escorting are 94 of 101 P-51 s; they claim 0-0-1 aircraft in the air. To put ourselves against this behaviour from the very beginning, as so many have done, would have been a contribution to the State repression against them, and would have prevented any development in a liber tarian direction, something we considered possible from the start. Only 500-600 workers out of 20,000 turn up at the meeting. 22 B-24s from Angaur Island bomb Corregidor Island. B-25s and P-38s support ground forces on Luzon, hitting Japanese forces near Santa Ines, in the Butitio area, and near Mount Obudan. P-38s hit Japanese concentration along the Kibawe trail on Mindanao Island, Philippine Islands. ETO - european theater OF operations (9AF HQ 386BG(L) and 552d, 553d, 554th and 555BS(L) begin a movement from St Trond, Belgium to the. CBI - china theater (14AF In China, 14 B-25s and 6 P-51s attack a bridge and gun positions N and S of Hwayuan, knock out a bridge and hit boxcars at Chungmow, damage a bridge N of Lohochai. 152 P-38s divebomb bridges, a tunnel and marshalling yards at Seefeld and Worgl, Austria. 397 B-24s are sent to hit the marshalling yard at Plauen (151) and the munitions dump at Bayreuth (39 targets of opportunity are the munitions dump at Grafenwohr (1) and munitions plant at Ingolstadt (1 bombing. Both places are devastated. vicenza escort escort forum piacenza

During the night of 20/21Feb, 7 B-24s flying individual raids, bomb the town of Okimura and airfield on Haha Jima Island. The 386BS(L 312BG(L moves from Tanauan, Leyte to San Jose, Mindoro with A-20s. Supply missions to Yugoslavia and reconnaissance operations continue. Friday, POA - pacific ocean area (20AF Mission 296: During the night of 27/28 Jul, 24 B-29s drop mines in Shimonoseki Strait, at Fukuoka, Niigata, Maizuru, Senzaki, and in Fukawa Bay; 1other mines an alternate target;. 321 B-17s are dispatched to hit the railroad industry and rail bridge at Pirna (115) and Karlsbad (87) and the marshalling yard at Aussig (109 they claim 6-1-2 aircraft; 5 B-17s are lost and 13 damaged; 46 airmen are MIA. B-24s bomb Kudat and Jesselton Airfields in Borneo. MTO - strategic operations (15AF In Italy, 191heavy bombers hit the Verona-Parona di Valpolicella railroad bridge; 1other bombs the Voghera marshalling yard. Friday, TO - alaska theater OF operations (11AF In the Kurile Islands, 8 B-24s attack and photograph Kurabu on Paramushiru Island, especially the airfield, while 8 B-25s hit radar installations in an all-out attack on Hayakegawa, Kotani Island, and Minami Cape. 20 Carrara: Christian Democrat rooms devastated and set fire. Wednesday, CBI - china theater (14AF 2 B-24s bomb the railroad yards at Hongay, French Indochina.

152 B-17s are sent to hit the Vomag tank factory at Plauen (139 targets of opportunity are Oelsnitz (12) and Markt Erlbach (1 3 B-17s are damaged beyond repair and 1 damaged; 18 airmen are KIA. 29 of 32 P-51s fly a scouting mission. Fighters fly reconnaissance over the French and Italian Alps. Swpa - feaf theater OF operations (5AF13AF Strikes supporting ground forces continue throughout the battle zones on Luzon Island. Valerij Gonarov (Ukr.) 9,687 tenis Roland Garros (Francúzsko, Paríž) Muži - finále: Rafael Nadal (4-Šp.) - Mariano Puerta (Arg.) 6:7 (6 6:3, 6:1, 7:5 Štvorhra - finále: Virginia Ruanová-Pacualová, Paola Suarezová (1-Šp./Arg.) - Cara Blacková, Liezel Huberová (Zimb./JAR) 4:6.

ETO - european theater OF operations (8AF HQ 303BG(H) and 358th, 359th, 360th and 427BSs move from Molesworth, England to Casablanca, French Morocco and begin flying troops from Europe to N Africa for return to the US with B-17s. The 86th and 87FSs, 79FG, move from Fano to Cesenatico, Italy with P-47s. 226 B-17s are sent to bomb the marshalling yards at Betzdorf (116) and Dillenburg (110) using Gee-H without loss. 40 P-51s and P-40s on armed reconnaissance hit road, rail, and river traffic, town areas, and other targets of opportunity in French Indochina, the C Yangtze River area, and elsewhere in S and E China. November 21 Turin: Squadre Armate Combattente break into the offices of an agency for domestic work, immobilise the employees and the women in charge, leaving on the walls: Attack the dens of sweat labour. POA - pacific ocean area (20AF Mission 37: 150 B-29s are dispatched to hit the Musashino aircraft plant in Tokyo hoping to draw air reinforcements away from the Iwo Jima invasion; thick clouds completely cover the primary. Unit moves during May: HQ 309BW(H) from San Marcelino to Lingayen, Luzon; 7th Combat Cargo Squadron, 2 Combat Cargo Group from Biak Island, New Guinea to Dulag, Leyte; the detachment of the 160th Liaison Squadron (Commando 3Air Commando Group, ceases. Monday, CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF 4 B-25s knock out the Song Rang bridge in French Indochina; 6 P-51s hit road communications at Hwayuan, China and bomb a building at Ha Coi, French Indochina. MTO - strategic operations (15AF 240 B-17s and B-24s, with P-51 escort, bomb marshalling yards at Rosenheim, Germany and Attnang-Puchheim, Spittal an der Drau, and Vocklabruck, Austria; 400 B-24s and their fighter escorts, sent to attack communications. The 17RS (Bombardment 71 Tactical RG, moves from San Jose, Mindoro Island to Lingayen, Luzon with B-25s.

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